More help for Amethyst & Sai Sai is on the way!

24 Aug, 2016

Amethyst & Jhessarian (Sai Sai) are two little girls who face challenges that most people can not imagine. They both suffer from Oro-Mandibular Limb Hypogenesis Syndrome. The girls were brought to the attention of Operation Restore Hope by our partner Dr Taps Gurango of the Mijares Gurango Craniofacial Foundation. At the time the girls were both unable to open their mouths to feed or breathe and relied completely on naso-gastric tubes. Both girls also have incomplete arms and legs.

Operation Restore Hope has been raising funds and supporting both little girls in their surgeries to release their jaws so that they can open their mouths. The girls have also been fitted with prosthetic legs to allow them to walk but they have a long road ahead.

When Mao & Ohpee from Western Sydney learned about these girls from an Operation Restore Hope newsletter it touched their hearts. They not only made an initial generous donation but have shared this story and spearheaded fundraising which is now taking place throughout the community in churches and through members of PAMA, the Philippine Australian Medical Association.

Thank you all for caring enough to take the time out of your busy lives to help us to help these girls and thanks to all our donors and sponsors who help us to help all the children and their families in the Philippines who have reached out to Operation Restore Hope for assistance.