My Grandpa is a Superhero!

5 Nov, 2018

Sincerest thanks to young William McKellar for raising awareness about Operation Restore Hope and the pivotal role that his grandfather Professor Geoff McKellar made to the charity.  William who is in the fourth grade at the Australian International School in Singapore was asked to give a presentation about a superhero in his family.  He chose his grandfather who was a talented oral and maxillofacial surgeon who with his partner Dr Ann Collins gave many years of their talents as volunteer surgeons and mission leaders for Operation Restore Hope at Lapu Lapu District Hospital in Mactan, Cebu.  We are thrilled that Geoff’s efforts continued to be recognised and that his spirit lives on in such a wonderful young man like William.


Excerpt from William’s school newsletter:

In our current unit of Inquiry, 40S has been working on ‘Distribution of Wealth. I decided to sahre the story about a charity Operation Restore Hope, my grnadpa helped start. My grnadpa apret his adulthood training to be the best surgeon and in his spare time teaching new surgeons. 20 Years ago he began the charity where he and others performed free facial surgeries in places of pverty such as the Philippines and India. These surgeries still happen every year and will continue. 

William McKellar 40S


Hats off to William for doing his part to make a difference and for honouring his grandfather.

If you want to make a donation to the charity in William’s name you can do so by adding a note to your donation “4 William”.