Donating Medical Supplies & Equipment

Charity Medical Supplies

Operation Restore Hope Australia (ORHA) helps to meet the needs not only of our missions and programs for medical supplies and equipment but the needs of our partners by sourcing and shipping donated medical supplies and equipment.  From hospital beds, to sterilisers , sutures to surgical instruments, ORHA has been reaching out over the years to hospitals, day surgeries and medical supply and device companies for donations of new and pre-loved equipment as well as medications and supplies.  Donations for our missions helps us defray the cost per patient and allows us to care for more children.   Donations to our partners include the Mijares Gurango Craniofacial Foundation as well as hospitals we work at.  Other donations flow through our partner Ugnayan ng Pahinungod which is the charity outreach arm of Philippine General Hospital, the largest teaching hospital in the Philippines.  Pahinungod channels donations not needed by our programs or appropriate to cleft surgery to other charitable medical missions carried on throughout the Philippines.

For example ORHA has donated or provided use of hospital beds to a community hospital in Alabat, an anaesthesia machine to the burns unit at East Avenue Medical Center, an anaesthetic machine to Band of Mercy, a paediatric video laryngoscope to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center and much more including cataract machines, surgical monitors, surgical instruments and the like.

ORHA also donates items as required to keep our partners safe and working.  The Coronavirus pandemic has seen an increased need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and ORHA has sourced, purchased and funded PPE for our partners and volunteers so that they can remain safe as they continue to care for our patients.

Some companies/institutions whom we would like to thank who have donated equipment or supplies to ORHA are: (in alphabetical order)’

  • Double Bay Day Surgery
  • INKA Surgical Instruments
  • Kogarah Private Hospital
  • The Mater Hospital
  • Westmead Hospital