ABS-CBN Reports On Our Most Recent Mission to Las Piñas

1 Jun, 2018

ABS-CBN reporters and camera men were on hand for our screening day at our recent mission to Las Piñas City Medical Center.  We screened 47 patients on the day all of whom were operated on or referred for care to our colleagues at the Philippine General Hospital. ABS-CBN was impressed not only with the long term commitment of Operation Restore Hope and the quality of work that it does but with the charity’s collaboration with the local medical practitioners to ensure that children in the charity’s programs have ongoing care.


The screening days and follow up clinics provide a chance not only to plan surgery but to review our previous patients and to follow-up on their progress.  It is not just healing from the surgery that needs to be monitored in these little patients but the function of their speech as they develop, their dental work and of course their appearance as well.  Many of the children require to have their operations done in two stages if they have both a cleft lip and palate and present to us in the first year of life.  Older children may have both operations simultaneously.  The optimum, however, for the child and their potential results and development is to have the first operation in the first year of life and the second the following year.


Thank you to for ABS-CBN for raising awareness of the need of these children with cleft lip and palate living in Las Piñas and in the Philippines in general and how their lives can be changed with an operation if charity surgery is made available to them.