Your dollars at Work

Every Dollar Goes Directly to Funding Missions and Operations

Every cent that is donated to Operation Restore Hope Australia goes directly towards aiding our special children in purchasing medical supplies and equipment and other expenses required to conduct our missions and for ongoing patient care. We also use funds to improve and renovate the local hospitals in which we work and to train the local staff to care for our kids. Unlike most charities, no monies whatsoever go to salaries or administration.   Everyone who works for Operation Restore Hope from our doctors and nurses to administrators, accountants, and most service providers like printers, web designers etc all work pro bono.  With all this volunteer help, we are able to keep the average cost of an operation to $ 500 AUD.

Donations are fully tax deductible!

Most of the donations to Operation Restore Hope come from individuals. Donations range from $10 to $10,000! Every cent counts! All donations of $2 or more to the Operation Restore Hope Philippines Relief Fund are fully tax deductible under subsection 30-85(2) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 as a developing country relief fund.