During the course of our work we encounter children with profound facial clefts or deformities that are ill suited to a mission environment and/or who need to be under expert and ongoing care in a medical facility that can cater to their needs and the risks inherent in more heroic surgery.

To serve these children, Operation Restore Hope has forged a partnership with Dr Taps Gurango of the Mijares-Gurango Craniofacial Foundation operating out of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Manila with funding sourced by Operation Restore Hope.


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Giant Cyst Encephalocele


Operation Restore Hope has also started a NAM (naso-aveolar moulding) program at PCMC for children born with extremely wide clefts which could not be aesthetically or functionally closed by surgery without the intervention of orthodontia.

 Wide Cleft, with NAM fitted & Post-Op