Doing The Most Good

20 Sep, 2016

When donating to charity you want to ensure your money goes far and provides significant aid and is not wasted on unnecessary expenses. The following article by Peter Singer explains why it is important to consider carefully where you are donating and how to make your dollars have the impact you truly want them to.


Operation Restore Hope Australia ensure that every dollar goes directly to helping the disadvantaged children suffering with facial deformities in the Philippines.

No money is spent on marketing, administration, printing etc. which is why we are able to assist as many children as we do and everybody who works for Operation Restore Hope Australia does so 100% pro bono

Dollars and Sense

“From it’s very inception, what has made Operation Restore Hope unique amongst charities is that all monies raised go directly to supporting the surgical missions, as everyone in the organisation from doctors and nurses to the administrators and consultants, and even many of the supplies, all work voluntarily and receive no remuneration. 

Without the generosity of people giving so freely to their time and expertise, we would not have been able to achieve the large number of cases. It has always been a challenge to keep costs down, as the price of medicine everywhere, including in the developing world, is rising significantly. 

We’ve continued to avoid buying new expensive equipment such as monitors and anaesthetic machines, preferring to use donated equipment when possible, and pre-loved machines when purchase has been necessary. 

I’ve always been impressed by how this donated equipment has continued to function over a very long time without the need for replacement, due to the skills and necessary thrift and resourcefulness of the Filipino.”  

Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson (Founder of Operation Restore Hope)